Weddings, Funerals & Baptisms



For information and booking regarding Weddings, Renewal of Vows services and Baptisms Please contact Yvonne on 



The church often celebrates more marriages than any other church in Peterborough so book early! The lych gate, and nearby Itter Park, provide beautiful settings for photographs. The church runs a wedding preparation course to help couples plan and prepare for their weddings. Bells and choir are available. Fees apply, and these depend on the requirements of the happy couple. In certain circumstances the church may offer re-marriage to couples – one or both of whom have been divorced.


Funeral services are conducted in church and these are arranged in consultation with the clergy and funeral directors. All Saints is a closed churchyard which means that burials no longer take place here (apart from existing graves), but we do have ploys available for the burial of a loved ones’ ashes.

Baptisms (or Christenings - it means the same)

Baptisms take place at 12noon or 1pm two Sundays of each month. We do not offer the 1pm time unless the 12noon time has been taken before. Parents are required to undertake a preparation before the baptism of the child takes place. There is a PCC fee for baptisms of £45. Baptismal Certificates and cards for Godparents are given out at the service. The church has produced a "Welcome to Baptism" leaflet that gives all the information you need. We have a Baptism Team consisting of people who will answer your questions and help you to prepare. Those preparing for baptism are encouraged to become part of the regular worshipping church family and hopefully might continue to come to enjoy our worship and to find out more about Jesus.