May 2020



“Sharing the fun, peace and friendship of knowing God’s love with everyone.” 

In these strange and sometimes difficult days, with many of us  in self isolation, all of us social distancing and the death toll from coronavirus still high, we may well stop and wonder how on earth we are able to live up to our church’s mission statement at this current time. It would be easy to sit and feel lonely, easy to hide away and go into a summer hibernation and easy to feel helpless. I must confess to thinking somewhat along these lines five weeks ago. The idea of not seeing friends and family, stopping all social gatherings and not being able to physically share with others at Easter and on my birthday seemed almost impossible.  But now, after several weeks, and in a more positive state of mind, I am looking at how we can still, even in isolation, learn from our mission statement. Indeed, maybe it has never been more relevant!

Let us start with sharing the FUN (a difficult and rather strange word to use at this time with so many people suffering worry and loss) It may be easier to interpret this as trying to feel positive, being encouraging and helpful, sharing a phone call, doing something useful. Let us pray that we may all try to share positive comments and bring a smile to people’s faces. To help others and try to bring them cheer. Have a happy attitude and don't drain people with negative talk. Resolve to be cheerful and endeavour to raise the spirits of others. It’s what the older members of our congregation may call “the wartime spirit” and, with God’s helping hand, compassion and guidance, there will once again be “bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover”.

PEACE - In some ways this is easier for us to find at this time of isolation. No-one to interrupt us, no-one to fall out with, less traffic noise. We can sit in our garden and hear the birds singing. The blossoms are out on the trees, there are lots of insects flittering from flower to flower, the skies are blue, and most of us are enjoying daily walks – under the title of “exercise”. I have discovered so many new routes and paths to explore right here in and around Paston. I know we are an “environment city”, indeed, I served for several years on the Peterborough Environment Committee planning the Green Wheel, working towards greener spaces and parks, but I never appreciated just how many hidden pathways and cycle tracks there are within easy walking distance of our church. Werrington Lake, Dodds Cycle Path, John Clare Rec and Bretton Woods all easily accessible!  We now have time to relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of God’s wonderful creation. Let us be thankful for that and praise His name.

FRIENDSHIP. – Although we are not seeing each other as regularly as we would like, our friendships, nurtured in All Saints Church, are even more important to us and treasured. A wonderful group of volunteers from our congregation have been ringing regularly to chat with those who are elderly or lonely. People have volunteered to do shopping. People have shared interesting websites, puzzles and films – and all these things have all helped to raise spirits and keep people smiling. The weekly clapping in appreciation of the health workers is just one way in which we have begun to strengthen community spirit and friendship. This is a good time to look forward and to think about what we value and what our purposes are. We are a church family and we have still managed to worship as children of God – at the same time if not physically together – using service leaflets and on-line services accessed via the church website. We owe a huge thank-you to Rev Mark, and to all those who have been ringing people up, keeping our website up to date, delivering service booklets and palm crosses etc.

I finish with a quote from the Book of Joshua Chapter One....

“Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."

Take care and pray that we may all be able to meet again soon.




Act of Worship during the next stage of lockdown.


 Dear friends,


As the second stage of ‘lockdown’ is now upon us and lasts until the 7th of May we have produced two ways to continue to worship at All Saints. From that date we will consider again where we are and what we need to do.

If you do not have access to social media – don’t use basically computers – an ‘Acts of Worship’ booklet has been distributed to over 30 households in the parish whom we have identified as falling into this category. The booklet contains eight short daily acts of worship. People do not have to use them on the dates mentioned, but there is something powerful when we know others are worshipping in their homes on the same day, using the same act of worship, as we are. If you do not have access to soial media and would like a booklet please let me know.

For those who do have access to social media then over forty people are sent links – and anyone else can find those same links on this our web site: These links take them to view our on line videos (care of you tube) that has myself taking a service.

As All Saints in ‘normal times’ had two communion services a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) so we are providing the same pattern even in lockdown. They are services of Holy Communion – people are encouraged to have bread and wine with them, so that they can ‘symbolically’ receive Communion. We use the readings from the lectionary and there is an address. The links are put out the evening before Wednesday/ Sunday and those servics will remain on the web site until the second stage of the lockdown ends. 

We are now seeing who may have ‘Zoom’ installed so that we are considering bible studies/ meetings; as well as tentaively looking at a weekly podcast and our young people might also be looking at ways to use the various on line mediums as well.

The intention is that duing this second stage of lockdown all can access worship online and by booklet.

Rev Mark




There have, of course, been no monthly meetings for Paston All Saints Mothers Union. However, I know that there have been many phone calls exchanged and regular communication. Jenni Wise, as branch leader, has been contacting members - and there is always Cliff in the background with an endless supply of jokes! 

Mothers Union prayer for this month …

“We pray for members in the branches of Finedon, Higham Ferrers, Irchester and Irthlingborough – all I the Higham Deanery.  Lord, we lift before you the elderly, the frail, the housebound and all those who care for them. May they find joy in memories shared. We pray they will know how much they are loved and valued.”




Our social calendar has, inevitably, been seriously disrupted. The first casualties were our final Lent Lunches and the Pensioners’ Afternoon.  (I have included in these pages a couple of games that we were due to puzzle over that afternoon.) We also missed all our usual Easter get-togethers, especially the Saturday meal, the service of light, and the dawn service but, although we could not meet physically, we were able to join in daily services via this webpage. At the present time we are uncertain as to what events may still take place during the rest of this year and we will keep you informed through the website. The planned Rock and Roll Evening will not be taking place on 30th May and the Gilbert and Sullivan Concert looks very unlikely.

Please keep looking at the website for more information.



Although it was not possible to meet in church during Holy Week, many of us were able to share in daily services via the web site. Others received, through their letterboxes, service booklets which they could use to guide their own daily worship. This involved, I am sure, a great deal of teamwork, preparation and commitment, from those who planned and put the services together, but I am sure that all their effort and time was much appreciated. Many people have mentioned these services to me, and they have been full of praise for Rev Mark, Justin, Louise, the small team of “technical wizards” and all those volunteers who helped to distribute the booklets. I don’t really know who you all were, but a huge thank-you from all of us.

I used my conservatory as the place for worship over Easter. It was lovely to sit out there, with my palm cross on the window, the trees in full blossom, plants pushing through the soil, birds singing and sun shining as I followed the services. It seemed particularly poignant to be surrounded by all these signs of new life on Easter Sunday. Well done to all the team.  I know it was not the same as being together and celebrating face to face, but I hope that many others tuned in and gained strength, comfort and a feeling of togetherness, at this time when we are all physically apart.





 FROM THE REGISTERS              

                                                  Rose Atkins and Gordon Roberts 

                                    whose funerals took place under tight restrictions.

We pray also for Ron and Rita Burton. Ron’s brother, Alan, died from Covid19 in Norfolk and they were not allowed to attend his funeral.


            A LETTER FROM BISHOP JOHN HOLBROOK            pastedGraphic_1.png

Faith in Troubled Times 

Three thousand years ago, a person of deep faith wrote – and the people of God first sang – some of the most beautiful words in history: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not want. He feeds me in green pasture.” (Psalm 23: 1,2) They voice a confident trust that with God as their shepherd, they will not wander: “He leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul.” (vs 2 and 3) With remarkable faith, they declare that whatever life may bring, with the Lord as their shepherd, they will not worry. They sing of God’s ever-presence besides them at the darkest times:  “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff comfort me.” (v 4) We are living through extraordinary and disturbing times. The coronavirus is causing death and deep disruption to our normal patterns of living. Tragedy has included members of the diocesan family. The total lockdown, selfisolation, suspension of public worship and closure of church buildings means that we have had no option but (in the phrase of the Archbishops) “to become a different sort of church”. People have found new ways of caring for each other. Good neighbour schemes have emerged. Our telephones have been busy. Many have shopped for the housebound, clapped in the street, lit candles, and put teddy bears and NHS rainbow signs in their windows. Many churches have produced deeply moving acts of worship online. I’ve discovered social media I didn’t know existed! We have found new ways of being “together apart” and “holding hands in the Spirit”.    I believe as a Church we have rediscovered that our spiritual lives must be rooted in daily prayer and Bible reading at home, not just Sunday worship in church. Jesus is with us wherever we are – we hold on to his promise that he will be with us whatever happens. I have recently become chair of a small national charity called ReSource whose aim is to help “little, local and ordinary churches” draw on the Holy Spirit for discipleship and mission. The Director has written these helpful words: “Whatever these coming days hold, let’s be mindful of one another, alert to the cry of a hurting world, and confident in the love of God, from which nothing can separate us.”

                                                      May God bless us all.                

                                                      With my love, prayers and best wishes,  

                                                      Rt Revd John Holbrook Bishop of Brixworth


PUZZLES  (as should have been used at the planned Pensioners’ Afternoon)


What word is missing in each of the following lists?  (words are listed in a particular order)

  1. Bashful    ----------  Dopey   Grumpy      Happy     Sleepy     Sneezy
  2. Genesis     Exodus     Leviticus   -------------   Deuteronomy    Joshua
  3. Mercury    Venus    -----------   Mars     Jupiter     Saturn
  4. Catherine     Anne    ------------   Anne       Kathryn    Katherine
  5. Alpha     Bravo       ------------    Delta      Echo      Foxtrot
  6. -------------    joy    girl    boy      silver      gold       secret
  7. Trump      Obama       Bush      Clinton     ---------    Reagan     Carter
  8. Tay      Wye     Great Ouse     Trent    ----------    Severn
  9. Crown      Half Crown      Florin     Shilling      Sixpence     -----------
  10.   Fly    Spider      Bird      Cat       Dog      ------    Cow  



Rearrange the letters to find words associated with Peterborough …..  eg.   EESUTEQNAG  (Queensgate)


  1. MNBAEMNTEK       2. VERIREENN    (2words)     3. SACTHEDURALELQ  (2 words)   4. SHOP

5.    YEETETKHAR        6.   REFRYEDWAOSM  (2words)     7. RBTEONENTRECT  (2 words)

8. KERBERPINSKA (2 words)     9. KYWEOSAAPRYK   (2 words)     10. PIRTTAEKR  (2 words)







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