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A very warm and sincere welcome to our new rector, Rev. Capt. Paul Whitely and his wife Joanne, as we begin a new and exciting chapter in the long history of our church here in Paston.

In our all-age family services this year we are looking at journeys. We are visiting important places in the Holy Land and hearing what happened there. In each locationwe are learning more about how we can best walk with Jesus and follow safely in His footsteps. We are looking for signs along the way that may direct us and help us to stay on the right track. We have talked about using maps, and compasses, road signs, Sat-Nav and even the stars to plan our journey, but we have decided that the best guidebook we can ever read, is the Bible. We may hear Sat-Nav - but the best voice to listen to is Jesus!

With the arrival of Rev Paul, we are entering a new and exciting stage in our church’s journey, with a new leader out in front! And, as with any new leader, we can expectchanges. Indeed, if our church did not change direction from time to time, we would just walk aimlessly along the same path and not get anywhere! But these changes will evolve over time, after careful planning, analysis, discussion and prayer.  

During the current pandemic, with so many rules and guidelines in place, journeys have been difficult. We have missed the companionship of many fellow travellers and we hope that we will soon be able to welcome them all back as restrictions are gradually lifted. May we soon see a free and clear pathway ahead and, as the popular hymn tells us :-

“When the road we tread is rough, fix your eyes upon Jesus!”


Rev Paul introduces himself … 

First of all, can I say that Joanne and I are delighted to be amongst you here at All Saints as your new Rector and very much looking forward to getting to know you and the Parish.

Thank you all for your prayers and messages received over the past number of weeks and for the welcome hamper that was greatly appreciated. We have been getting some order at the Rectory over the past few weeks and feeling a little more settled, however this will continue to take a little more time so please bear with me.

Some of you may know something about me, others not. so by way of an introduction here goes! I was born and grew up in a small mining village just outside Doncaster and it is still the place that my family are located today. My grandad was a deputy at the mine for many years, however my dad inherited a farm from family and growing up was among animals and a variety of crops. Driving a tractor from a young age was always a source of fun.

Having completed my education, I helped on the farm and then trained in Horticulture going to work for a Lincoln based garden firm. Looking at the rectory garden this might come in handy!!

I eventually decided to go back to study and gained some qualifications and during this period became involved in the life of my local Church. Due to the loss of my Nan, Billy Graham coming to Sheffield and other factors, I became a Christian and my life took on a gradual change. It was at the local Church that I met Joanne and we have been married for 28years.

Volunteering for the Church gave me lots of opportunities, I became a prison visitor, involved with beach missions and spent some time in Ireland and Germany before being selected to train with the Church Army. Commissioned in 1992 I have served in London Diocese, Peterborough and for the past 13years in the Lincoln Diocese. Serving my title at St Paul Spalding, a beautiful Church designed by Sir Gilbert Scott.

People find themselves drawn to Church for all sorts of different reasons and I feel strongly that we respect that God has made each individual unique and we are able to celebrate the love that God has for each person and for the richness and diversity of our community.

Since childhood I was taken to see Doncaster Rovers and if you ask me about football they are my team. I am a qualified football referee and football coach, the knees are now worn. A keen birdwatcher and enjoy the natural world, walking and theatre. I have done a a little bit of Am-Dram for different theatre companies and operatic society. Joanne and I both love musical theatre. However, lots of things have changed over the past year or so. Please do introduce yourself - I am generally ok with names but with a lot to remember may need a reminder. Please note that the rectory telephone number is different to the previous one and will be on the website. 01733 572616.

                                                                  Kind Regards ,  Revd. Paul.



As we reach June we enter, what in Church circles is often referred to as “Ordinary Time”.

Wouldn’t that be nice?!   Nothing seems to be ordinary anymore and we seem to have exhausted our supply of words to describe the “unprecedented” circumstances under which we have been living.

Nevertheless, all being well, this month should see a further lifting of restrictions and some sense that we can ‘breathe’ again; meet, gather and simply be human with one another once more. There are no grounds for complacency of course and, after a year of false dawns and misplaced optimism, it’s important that we take small, measured, incremental steps on the path to ‘normality’.

… And for all that we are impatient to recover lost ground, rebuild our congregations, re-engage with our communities. Nevertheless, we should beware of simply seeking to recreate life before the pandemic. It would be easy to return willy-nilly to the “known” ways, the (allegedly) comfortable certainties of the past. Many of them were perhaps not as life giving or fruitful as we may have persuaded ourselves they were. 

There is surely a need as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities.  Hence this “ordinary” month is actually scattered with the celebration of some extraordinary people who invite us, in their different ways, to consider how the transforming power of Christ is at work in the world. 

There is John the Baptist, whose birth we celebrate on 24th June. John called the people of his own day to examine their hearts and minds and lives in the light of the one who was coming after him – soldiers, tax gatherers, the religious leaders were all called to repent, to turn around to face in a different direction and walk in the Way of the Messiah. 

There is the Apostle Barnabas, “son of encouragement” who sold his field and gave the proceeds to enable the work of the church; generous in spirit as well as in material matters who sought to reconcile Jewish and Gentile Christians, affirming that whatever your background we all find our true identity in Christ. What an important message in an age of fragmentation and uncertain identity.  

Then on the 28th June we remember Peter, the Cathedral’s principal patron saint, who so wanted to please his Lord and Teacher and promised the earth, but who, when the chips were down and his own life at stake, denied he even knew him, …. and yet he found in Christ such forgiveness and such grace that he would be empowered to boldly proclaim the resurrection, lead the nascent church and ultimately find the courage to die a martyr's death. 

Ordinary people made extraordinary by God’s grace, who didn’t cling to the past but prepared the way of the Lord and sought to live it out in ways of self-sacrificial generosity, simplicity of life and radical forgiveness. Can it ever really be ordinary time with the amazing God we serve?

- - The Very Revd Christopher Dalliston , Dean of Peterborough



As we leave the long interregnum behind us, we breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the future. But, before we move on, we must record our grateful thanks to several people.


Firstly, to all the visiting priests who have come along to lead our services. … The Reverends Catherine Furlong, Charles May, Gordon Limbrick, John Harper, Ann Ballard, and Peter Morrell.  

To our Rural Dean, Michael Moore, who has helped us in so many ways over the last year, especially in the early days of the interregnum and at some of our meetings. 

To our dear friend and former Rector, Rev Gillian Jessop, who has been wonderful. Gill has given tirelessly of her time and experience to help us out in so many ways. Conducting funerals, liaising with funeral directors, meeting and rehearsing with wedding couples, searching for burial plots. Her knowledge and her care have been invaluable. She has also organised some of our special services during the year such as our Ash Wednesday Service, Midnight Mass and Easter Morning Communion – the latter two both starting and ending with “spaced singing” – out in the churchyard. More recently, Gill also chaired our annual parochial meeting.

                                                          We extend a huge and sincere thankyou to you all.


A.P.C.M (Annual Meeting)

After our communion service on Sunday 23rd May, Rev Canon Gillian Jessop, chaired our annual church meetingon behalf of the Rural Dean, Rev Michael Moore. Reports for the year were read out and the following people were elected to office …

Churchwardens -  Steve Cutts & Peter Templeman.  Treasurer – Katherine Turner     

PCC Secretary – Fiona Beveridge      Deanery Synod rep – Hilary Reeves

In addition, the following were elected to the PCC …  Yvonne Griffin (lay reader), Donna Barnes, Sabrina Bezkorowanjnyj, Lance Bloom (verger), Sandra Bloom, Lorna Tanner (sacristan), Joanne Chanter and Jennie Wise (Mothers’ Union Leader).

As Deanery Synod representative, Hilary Reeves also serves on the PCC. 

We hope to move back to our regular church magazine sometime soon . To do this, we will need new volunteers to help deliver magazines around the area. 


Our next collection for the Food Bank will take place on Saturday 19th June in the church porch. All donations welcome. More details will appear on the pew sheet nearer the time.



We move away from our Bible-related puzzles this month and, to celebrate the arrival of Rev Paul, all our questions are about famous Pauls. How many can you answer?

1. What was the occupation of St Paul before he became an evangelist?

2. St Paul came from which town?

3. Which famous musician, singer and songwriter wrote “The Sound of Silence” ?

4. Which Paul was a regular team captain on radio 4’s “Just a Minute”?

5. In the nursery rhyme “2 little dickie birds”, one was called Paul, who was the other?

6. In which town was footballer Paul Gascoign born?    

7. Who designed St Paul’s Cathedral?

8. Artist Paul Cezanne was born in which country?

9. Which Paul had a “magical” wedding to Debbie McGee?

10. Which Paul, founder of an oil company, was named as the richest person in the World in 1952?

11. From 1991 to 1996, Paul Keating was prime minister of which country?

12. Paul Scholes played his entire footballing career with which team?


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