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This month’s parish magazine contains important information about our services and arrangements during the interregnum




During this interregnum, your Church Wardens are trying to arrange visiting priests for as many of our regular services as possible. Peter, especially, has spent many hours working his way through the diocesan list but sadly the number of names on the present list is less than half of what it was during our last interregnum and, as many of these priests are officially retired, they are currently governed by Corona-virus restrictions with many in isolation.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to confirm that the following services will take place in our church this month :-


Sunday 26th July ………10.00am Communion Service with the Rev John Harper                      

Sunday 2nd August …... 10.00am Family Service – “The Servant King”

Sunday 9th August …….10.00am Communion Service with the Rev Anne Ballard

Sunday 16th August ……10.00am Communion Service with the Rev Gordon Limbrick

Sunday 23rd August ……10.00am Communion Service with the Rev Charles May

Sunday 30th August ……10.00am Communion Service  with the Rev Charles May

Sunday 6th September…10.00am Family Service




On 15th August, Christians around the World celebrate The Assumption of Mary. This is a festival celebrated (in most parts of the world) on the day Christians believe the Virgin Mary "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."  

By tradition, in many countries, the celebrations include illuminations and bonfires. Houses are decorated with blue (the colour of Mary) and lily flowers. There are arches of flowers, firework displays and processions! Yet, here in Britain the day tends to pass quietly with little celebration.


As Christians, we learn almost everything we know about Jesus’s mother from the New Testament. The only people in the New Testament that are mentioned more are Jesus, Peter, Paul and John. People know her husband Joseph and her relatives Zechariah and Elizabeth. 

We also know the Magnificat, the song she sang, and the Bible tells us that Mary travelled from Galilee to Bethlehem. We know that she and her husband visited the Temple in Jerusalem where baby Jesus was dedicated, and the stained-glass window in our bell-tower commemorates this visit, showing the Priest Simeon holding the baby. 

We also know that Mary was at the crucifixion of Jesus in Jerusalem. So, like all mothers, at different times she experienced a whole range of emotions - happiness, doubt, hope, joy and love. She also experienced the heartache of seeing her son die on the cross. 


There is no doubt that there is a special bond between a mother and her child as they share this variety of emotions together. So, as we celebrate the Assumption of Mary this month, let us remember all mothers around the World, especially remembering our own mums, those who may no longer be with us, but are always in our thoughts.


Mum gave us love and watched us grow, She taught us things we need to know,

She comforted us and dried our tears, She gave us laughter through the years,

And that constant love she had in me, Gave me strength and set me free.



Mark’s new church in Sevenoaks, St Luke’s, was built in 1904 and since that time has built up a reputation as “a friendly and welcoming church, showing God’s love in word and deed”.  Mark will take charge of the ministry team with Reverend Anne Bourne, as Associate Vicar.  The West Sevenoaks Team Ministry was recently created, comprising St Luke’s, St Mary’s Kippington and St Mary’s Riverhead and Dunton Green. 


On behalf of the whole parish, we thanked Mark for all that he had done here and prayed that God would walk with the whole family as they start this new chapter in their lives. Sadly, we will be unable to celebrate Mark’s induction with them as current restrictions limit the whole congregation to 30 people including the Bishop and Clergy. 

 Goodbye to the Bridgen Family


 – our best wishes for happiness and success in Sevenoaks.


On Sunday19th July, Rev Mark led his last service here at Paston All Saints after almost 5 years with us. His induction as Rector took place on 7th September 2015 and the busiest of those five years must undoubtedly have been when we celebrated our 800th Anniversary. Throughout the full year it was a real team effort and both Karen and Mark worked hard alongside the “team”, helping to make it a great success. 

  At the farewell service on Sunday 19th July, as a result of a successful collection, Mark was presented with a beautifully-decorated stole, (pictured) a travelling communion set with the inscription “from all  your  friends at Paston All Saints” and a cheque for £40.      

Karen received a large garden planter with a lovely display of shrubs and flowers arranged by Christine Hall. Christine Hall had worked alongside Karen with Peterborough Street Pastors.                                                                                             


 Despite corona restrictions, 48 people attended the service and it was a lovely occasion. In an opening speech, Steve recalled a human whirlwind, called Mark, arriving in the parish, who never seemed to stand still as he ran from one project to another. Peter then spoke about Mark’s care and sympathy in times of bereavement before Yvonne shared a special prayer and blessing. Sadly, the Corona Virus restrictions prevented us having our traditional big Paston farewell celebration, but Mark and Karen were still moved by the occasion. The following day, removal vans turned up at the rectory and by Tuesday evening the family were settling into their new home in Sevenoaks Mark, James and Grace came on Tuesday afternoon to say goodbye and thank-you, whilst handing over all the keys, files and relevant papers. 

    pastedGraphic.png    pastedGraphic_1.png         



New Rector  -  

As soon as Rev Mark announced his retirement in April the Church Standing Committee swung into action. The first job was to complete the Parish Profile. This is a weighty document of 24 pages giving details of the parish and surrounding area. It took several weeks to finalise - in close consultation with Archdeacon Gordon. Once this was accepted by the Diocesan Office, the job was advertised. The closing date for applications is the 29th July and interviews are scheduled for the second week in September.  Due to corona virus our planning has been difficult, as we have not been able to meet properly. At this stage, we do not know if the interviews will be face to face or conducted on Zoom. At present, only the Diocese knows how many people have showed interest in the post.

Please hold the parish, churchwardens, lay-reader and PCC in your prayers at this busy and difficult time.





Online Sunday School for the summer: Sunday school will be held once every three weeks over Zoom. Activities will consist of singing and simple crafts as well as fun, discussion and prayer. If your child/children would like to attend please email  Following  Sunday 19th July, the next session should be 23rd August. (to be confirmed) A huge thank you to Fiona for organising this for our children!


Church Cleaning: It is a requirement that worship can only take place following regular weekly cleaning. We are following all rules set out by the diocese and the government, but more volunteers would help to ease the load. No cleaning means the church cannot be opened for worship. Thank you to Fiona who is drawing up the rota. If you are able to help, please contact Fiona, one of the church wardens or Yvonne

Track and Trace: In line with Government advice and Church of England Guidelines we are taking a register of attendance at each service to assist with Track and Trace. This is based on information given on the electoral roll or asking people if they are not on the roll. Please note that the ‘register’ is locked in the safe and we only keep attendance figures for 21 days. From that date the details are shredded.

 If you are feeling in any way unwell, we do advise you not to come to worship on that Sunday


 Bishop Donald writes …..New beginnings

Is it possible to write in the present day without mentioning  the c***** v****   or c*****19?

Possibly (by cheating, as I did above), but it is not possible to claim that the world – our world, God’s world – isn’t already a very different place.

I am writing at the start of July. Most readers will see this in August. Things have been moving incredibly quickly since March, when the world we knew changed beyond our imagining. As I write, we are preparing to reopen some churches for public worship, but many clergy, and many more lay people, are wary or reluctant about taking that step. Who could have guessed that? 

From the beginning of August, ‘shielding’ will be no more, but it seems that most of those who had to be shielded are in no hurry to rush out to work, or to shop, or to go to church. Who could imagine that people would be reluctant to leave their homes after over four months of virtual house arrest?  And who would have thought that we would be encouraged off public transport and back into our cars? Or that the government would still be paying people not to go to work? 

This time of late summer and early autumn is when we have to press the rest button and start life all over again. In fact, of course, some wonderful things have gone on, and there has been some very beautiful living during the crisis – as well as some tragic dying – and we mustn’t lose the lessons we have learnt. But now, we have to look hard at how best to get back to a sustainable future: going to work, opening our churches, learning to socialise again. All those things are likely to look different, but we need to do them.

God is the expert at fresh starts. We need to take this to him and seek his wisdom. Let’s ask him to give us his new birth – as individuals, as churches, as a society.  

With best wishes           pastedGraphic_2.png   +Donald   Bishop of Peterborough




Fun and games

This month we have some riddles for you …… (answers below …but don’t cheat)


  1. What did Adam say to Eve on 25th December?
  2. What kind of lights did Noah have on the Ark?
  3. In which Biblical City did people talk a lot?
  4. Who was the cleverest man in the Old Testament?
  5. Who was the greatest financier in the Bible?
  6. What was the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible?
  7. Why did Eve move to New York?
  8. Which animal on the Ark did Noah most mistrust?



ANSWERS TO LAST MONTH’S PUZZLES.  The hidden words were …


  1. Cross   2. Font   3. Altar   4. Vestry   5. Candle   6. Bible   7.  Pew   8. Organ  

9.   Lectern    10.   Chancel 


ANSWERS to this month’s riddles

  1. It’s Christmas, Eve.    2. Flood Lights     3. Babble-on    4. Abraham, he knew a Lott 

5.   Noah, because he floated his stock whilst everyone else was in liquidation

6.   The one where Joseph served in Pharoah’s Court   7. She fell for the Big Apple

8.   The cheetah of course!   

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